Hetoreyn - Bio & Credits

Born in England in 1978, Hetoreyn's early interest in film music began when he was very young.  As an avid film viewer, he was especially inspired by the music of Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, and John Williams.  By the age of 16 as a self-taught pianist, he decided to begin writing his own compositions. He enrolled at Weston-super-mare (UK) College of Technology to study drama, acting and music, where he developed new skills in studio techniques and midi sequencing that would propel him into the wider world of musical composition. In 1999, he graduated from college with diplomas in BTEC Performing Arts and Music Technology.

As Chief Composer and Engineer at Bristol Television and Film Services (BTFS) in Bristol (UK), he composed music for two feature films and a number of other music projects. During this period he also began composition and production of other personal and commercial projects.  In his earlier pieces, working with synthesizers, he wrote music for the popular web series "Deep Angel" before moving on to a new classical and romantic experience with his first album of the Elven Moods series. Later as an independent composer, a quantum leap in quality and capability was achieved in 2004 by the adoption of the Vienna Symphonic Library into his music workshop.  Working with the new VSL software and sound libraries, Hetoreyn soon became a recognized expert in this exciting and innovative new field. Hetoreyn’s popular Podcast on VSL techniques has gained many regular followers over the years and has included interviews with VSL staff and provided many key ingredients on how composers can get the best out of the VSL software suite. Since 2005, Hetoreyn has created a unique palette of orchestral music for film, TV and Internet, and he has published 6 albums, which have been aired on radio stations and Internet Radio around the world.  In addition to his compositional talents, his technical skills are also widely sought throughout the industry, through his professional support services for orchestration, digital studio set up and sound engineering.

Film, Music and Media Credits:

Feature Films
Odyssey: Tossed upon the Shore - 2011
Simon Fraser, dir.

Osiris: Eclipse Part II - 2010
Millada Productions

Starship Farragut – For Want of a Nail - 2007
Mark Hildebrand, dir.

Deadeye - 2004
Steve Windle, dir.

Asylum - 2003
Nigel Roffe Barker, dir.

Television Series

Semper Paratus (Pilot film) - 2010
Tom Hayden, prod. Mark Hildebrand, dir.

Granada (Touch of Frost) (Demo) - 2002

Short Films

Freedom, the Great Illusion - 2009
Steve Windle, dir.

Hyperion - 2009
John Northam, dir.

The 50 - 2008
Alan Smithy, dir.

Awakening - 2008
Steve Windle, dir.

Alone in the Company of Despair - 2007
Steve Windle, dir.

Internet Productions and Series

Fitness One - 2010
Neo F/X

Tales of Discovery - 2010

Lexington - 2009
by Joey Bonice

The Others - 2009

Theatrical Trailers

Star Trek: Renegades (Teaser and Trailer) - 2012
Renegades Studio

Demonicsex – The Movie - 2010
Triple Six Productions

For Want of a Nail (Trailer II) - 2007
Farragut Films

Feature Productions

Starship Farragut - Farragut Films
- The Price of Anything - 2012
Vic Mignogna, dir.

(The Animated Episodes)
- Needs of the Many - 2010
- Power Source- 2009

(Crew Logs)
- Just Passing Through (Redux) - 2011
- A Rock and a Hard Place - 2009
- Just Passing Through - 2008

Helena Chronicles - Hidden Frontier
- Episode 2.01: The Minstrel Boy - 2009

Archangel - 2009
Scott Torwalt, prod.

Dark Armada
- Worst Nightmare - 2009

- Choices, Part I - 2009
Robin Hiert, prod.

VSL Podcast - since 2006
Moonsinger Media

Eros - 2001
by Robyn Henderson

Empire - 2001
by Kotwicki Brothers

Red Lexi - 2000
by Dark Artist


Maple Leaf Foods - 2010
“Jack of all trades” TV advert

Maple Leaf Foods - 2010
TV advert (submission)

The Hudson's Bay Company - 2009
2010 Olympic Winter Games TV advert (submission)

Imprint Music, Toronto - since 2009
Contract work for TV adverts


Walter Koenig Hollywood Star Ceremony - 2012

Imaginarius Fantasticus - 2012

Cisco Consumer electronics - 2010

FedCon 18 Science Fiction Convention - 2009

Opening Ceremony Video, by The Light Works

Musicians and Bands recorded/engineered
Elysium Shift - 2006

Angry Panda - 2005

The Disappearing Act - 2004

Inbetween Nothing - 2003

Dogma - 2003

Own Music Albums

Rising from Atlantis (Music compilation) - 2012
Chakra Meditation (iTunes, CDBaby)

Starship Farragut: The Price of Anything - 2012
Soundtrack (iTunes, CDBaby)

End of Line - EP - 2012
Electronica, Symphonica / Metal (iTunes, CDBaby)

Tales of the Thorns - 2011
Symphony (iTunes, CDbaby)

Winds of Time - 2010
Symphony (submitted for publication)

Celestial Compositions - 2009
Orchestral (iTunes, CDbaby)

Starship Farragut: Crew Logs - 2008
Soundtrack (free download)

For Want of a Nail - 2007
Soundtrack (iTunes, CDbaby)

Elven Moods II – Songs of a Moonsinger - 2006
Orchestral (iTunes, CDbaby)

Elven Moods - 2004
Orchestral (Cafepress)

Telpareyn - 2002
Dance (Cafepress)

Best fan film, 2009
Wrath of Con Film Festival (Film:
A Rock and a Hard Place)

Best fan film, 2008
Wrath of Con Film Festival (Film:
For Want of a Nail)