Elven Moods II

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Elven Moods II - Songs Of A Moonsinger
The second in the series of Elven Moods - Songs of a Moonsinger. A listening adventure, with pieces to relax, inspire, reflect and thrill you. This album marks a quantum leap in Hetoreyn's writing and production skills. With tracks like "Temple of the Moon" performed with the Vienna Symphonic Library the romantic nature of these pieces really comes into full blossom. With a myriad of new moods, textures, sounds and emotions. This album promises to take you on a journey through the beautiful and the awe-inspiring realms of faery.

Total running time: 56:37 min.

Demo MP3's
1. The Gathering
3. Temple of the Moon

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Hetoreyn: Elven Moods II - Songs Of A Moonsinger

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Thoughts about Elven Moods II - Songs of a Moonsinger

- Review:
Wonderful and exquisit orchestral sounding! So beautiful and interesting melodies! I really enjoy it very much! I think everyone who likes literature of Tolkien, R. Jordan and such fantasy computer games as Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights will definitely enjoy this CD! ..
Maria Lazareva

- Review:
This CD is wonderful, it takes you all the way on a journey through a fantasy world. From a peaceful gathering, through dangerous sites and ending in an epic battle, won by the heroes. ..

- Review:
It seems that there comes a time in ones life where we find ourselves compelled to act. Not such a notion is this of necessity or function but of pure passion. It is here one finds the miracle of motion that liberates the truelly dynamic forms within and allows one the wings of expression to take flight into the joys of weightless fantasy. Your album is amazing!! ..
Simon Gibbs

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